IT4CHARITY 2022 continue with BIG IT RACE this year.

We start the project on May 20 and finish on September 25 with a BIG IT RACE.

The concept of the project is:

  • for each passed GREEN kilometer of the employees,
  • the company DONATES funds to SOS CHILDREN’S VILLAGE.
  • This year the project will finish with a BIG IT RACE.
IT Companies - Supporters

14 IT Companies - Supporters

km with bicycle

8680.32 km with bicycle

km on foot

53540.58 km on foot

km total

62220.9 km total

kg saved CO2 emission

16177.43 kg saved CO2 emission


6 employees


526.61kg saved CO2 emission

34 employees


2345.43kg saved CO2 emission

45 employees


2842.12kg saved CO2 emission

5 employees


455.53kg saved CO2 emission

15 employees


188.76kg saved CO2 emission

37 employees


3171.7kg saved CO2 emission

16 employees


828.86kg saved CO2 emission

1 employees


0.3kg saved CO2 emission

4 employees


24.85kg saved CO2 emission

21 employees


670.19kg saved CO2 emission

71 employees


795.81kg saved CO2 emission

21 employees


2715.88kg saved CO2 emission

29 employees


1611.34kg saved CO2 emission

0 employees


0kg saved CO2 emission

How can IT companies join the project?

  • With good will, open heart and wish to help and support the most vulnerable.
  • Every IT company that would like to join the project is welcomed to contact us at:

In achieving the goal of 30.000 EUR for the support of the programs of SOS Children’s Village, each company has the opportunity to choose one of the models for financial support and to ensure the placement of the company for participation in the project and the participation of the employees during the race.

How the employees of the IT companies can start participating?

  • Employees need to download the app Challenger on their phones.
  • Employees need to register with their company email.
  • Challenger register every kilometer with the help of existing services: GoogleFit, Apple Health and Strava. The user would need to turn on Strava before they start using bycicle. All other activities Challenger will register on the back end, so there is no need to do anything else.
  • Employees need to register for the BIT IT RACE on September 25
  • Employees can participate in the RACE with running or cycling.

Our goal is to raise 30.000 EUR to support the running programs of SOS Children Villages.