(frequently asked questions)

  • Challenger will work only if you have the internet on your mobile phone and a GPS locator turned on.
  • The application registers data through machine learning. This means that the application itself executes commands without specific instructions, but by recognizing patterns and drawing conclusions. Therefore, it takes time to recognize the transition from a vehicle to walking, or walking and then cycling.
  • One kilometer on foot brings you 2 Challenger stars.
  • One kilometer spent on a bike brings you 1 Challenger star.
  • You can use the accumulated Challenger stars from the traveled kilometers to get discounts.
  • There are two types of Challenger challenges: hiking and cycling.
  • On the Home tab, Challenger gives you two types of challenges (on foot / on wheels) and here you can choose your favorite challenge. . You can choose only one challenge per category.
  • If you complete the selected Challenger challenge you will receive a direct reward. Rewards are always limited, so be among the first to meet them.
  • In the Challenger store you can find discounts from many local businesses.
  • The discount coupon that you have taken, you should activate only when you are physically in the business for which it is intended – the coupon expires in a short time!
  • With every kilometer you collect, you collect eco points, and with them you compete in the Challenger ranking list.
  • With Challenger you can see how much CO2 emissions have been reduced due to your activities.
  • On your Profile, in the statistics tab you can check how many green kilometers you have traveled today and from the moment you use Challenger.

For possible technical difficulties, check this list

The application does not measure in real time. When you start using it push start, and when you finish stop and scroll down, it will give all the information.

Try to do an optimization if it has not already been done.

Make sure you have the Challenger application running in the background.

Make sure you have an active internet connection and GPS on.