Basic information about the Challenger mobile application

The Challenger mobile application operated by Green IT LLC is a project of Green IT LLC to raise awareness of eco-activities and environmental protection.

Every user with every kilometer of walking, running or cycling should contribute to increasing eco-awareness, reducing CO2 emissions. By using the Challenger mobile application, the user agrees to these terms and conditions of use. The right to use the Challenger application is personal to each user and is not transferable to another person or entity.

Each user is responsible for the data they enter in the application and its confidentiality and truthfulness.

The mobile application will be available for all Android users. Green IT DOO is not responsible if there are obstacles in the availability of services that are beyond the control of Green IT DOO. Green IT DOO reserves the right to terminate or temporarily restrict access to the service of the public website and mobile application in case of reconstruction, modernization, maintenance and in case of technical interruptions or network deficiencies in general or any additional activities. The end user will be informed in a timely manner in the event of a public website or Challenger application being interrupted through the information channels used by the Challenger team.

Terms of use of the challenger application

Green IT DOO reserves the right to terminate, amend or supplement the Terms of Use at any time as it deems necessary and necessary.

All changes and changes that will be made and they will take effect after they are publicly announced on the website intended for the mobile application Challenger which is managed by Green IT DOO.

Before registering and using the Challenger mobile application, every user must read the terms of use. By registering the mobile application and filling in the required data, the user agrees to the terms and accepts them.

If during the use of the mobile application Challenger makes changes, additions or deletions of some of the terms of use, the user will be notified in a timely manner and further if he continues to use the mobile application is considered to be in agreement with them.

Terms of use of the Challenger application will be available to the user at any time while the application is in use.

Basic functionalities for using the mobile application

The Challenger mobile application is intended for Android mobile phones and contains the following functionalities that every user can follow for his personal profile.

Control screen for quick overview of user achievement (Challenger and Eco points earned, total statistics for kilometers traveled in the listed activities, daily data analysis, ranking list and received codes)

Start of activity.
Overview of active challenges.
List of active deals in Challenger store.
Time frame of completed activities.
The mobile application supports activities for cyclists and hiking.

Content of the public website intended for the Challenger project and features for the Challenger mobile application

Data that will be contained on the Public Website

  • At home, for the application, blog content and application features
  • Contact and frequently asked questions:

Register the Challenger website and use the Challenger mobile application

The right to register as users of the mobile application has all natural persons with legal capacity, natural persons with limited business capacity or with deprived business capacity within the capacity they possess.

Individuals who have limited legal capacity or revoked legal capacity if they register to use the Challenger mobile application are considered to have their legal representative or guardian agree to the terms of use and upon successful registration fully accept the terms of use and the policy of privacy.

By using the Challenger mobile application, the user agrees and fully accepts the terms of use and privacy policy.

All personal data entered by the user when registering on the site and the application are stored in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection and are not disclosed to third parties.

Registration information required to use the Challenger mobile application: username and email of the user.

The user has data that he has to fill in as mandatory, and some as voluntary. Required data must be completed in order to be allowed to register to use the Challenger mobile application.

All data that users fill in during registration are collected and stored by Green IT DOO, will not be published and submitted to third parties except the competent authorities in a manner determined by the legal regulations in the Republic of Northern Macedonia. All data will be protected and stored in accordance with legal regulations.

Green IT LLC for Challenger public website and Challenger mobile application takes all protective measures for protection of users’ personal data in order to protect against the risk of unauthorized access and misuse.

The individual data of each user from the activities enabled through the mobile application Challenger, are collected only on his personal profile which the users themselves create with a username and password.

The data that every user of the Challenger mobile application can see on their user profile are: total number of kilometers traveled for the entire period of using the application, Challenger points earned, how much CO2 is saved by using the application, what is the position of the user in ratio of the total number of users based on kilometers traveled. Then the user will have information about the kilometers traveled during an activity, a list of deals that can be exchanged for the points won, challenges set by the Challenger team, history of kilometers traveled per activity and by days.

Green IT LLC, during the existence of the Challenger mobile application, reserves the right to inform the users through the Challenger public website and through the Challenger mobile application for introduced promotions related to the use of the Challenger mobile application. Green IT DOO may decide to give certain gifts to the users of the mobile application with a certain campaign. Each campaign or promotion will be further updated with rules for it.

By registering the Challenger mobile application, the user agrees to be informed about the current changes and news about the application and activities related to the Challenger mobile application.

The public website for the Challenger application will display the total number of registered legal entities, the total number of registered users, the total number of challenges met, the total number of kilometers traveled, the total CO2 emission savings. The most active members by username will be displayed in the total number of kilometers traveled. The user agrees to be displayed with his username on the public website if he is in the list of the most active members. The personal data that users enter during registration will not be made public or available to other users. Green IT DOO processes the data for each user in relation to the movement path and the kilometers traveled and saves only the kilometers traveled as a number. All other information is deleted and Green IT LLC does not store historical route data.

For the protection of personal data, considering that Green IT DOO will not save the data for the movement path and they will be deleted immediately, the user will have access only to the automatically calculated Challenger points.

The mobile application automatically collects the total number of kilometers traveled by users’ activities and displays the collected Challenger points from the total number of kilometers.

Download the Challenger mobile app

To download the Challenger mobile app, users need to have an active internet connection – a wireless internet connection on the mobile device or it can also be a Wi-Fi connection.

The mobile application is available on the Google Play Store for Android mobile devices.

Data collection and accuracy

The user of the Challenger application agrees to use the Challenger mobile application at his own risk for the registration and sharing of personal data. The user is responsible for any information shared on his or her own initiative and will. By accepting the terms of use, he expresses his consent that under full moral, material and criminal responsibility he accepts the terms and confirms the accuracy of the personal data that are available.

Privacy policy and personal data protection

Green IT DOO guarantees the protection of personal data to all users of the Challenger mobile application in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection.

All users, before registering to use the Challenger mobile application are obliged to read the terms of use for it and by registering the Challenger mobile application to confirm that they understand the content and agree to the privacy policy. This privacy and privacy policy applies to the content of the Challenger project public website and to the use of the Challenger mobile application.

Deleting data

All profiles that users will create, upon completion of the project will be deactivated and data will be protected in accordance with the legislation.

By deactivating the profile, the user will not have access to the mobile application.

If the user voluntarily deactivates the mobile application from his mobile device and after a certain period of time wants to use it again, it is necessary to activate it with the same data from the initial creation of the profile.

The user can request the complete removal of their data from the Challenger servers through the section Manage your data. After completing this request, the user data is completely removed from our servers.

If the user contacts the Challenger team to completely deactivate their account and for the next use of the mobile application, it will be necessary to create a new account with a new email address.

Other rights and obligations for using the Challenger mobile application

Green IT LLC as the holder of the Challenger project is responsible for the data listed on the public website and reserves the right to make changes, additions or delete some data as needed.

By registering the Challenger mobile application and activating their own profile for registering some of the activities for cyclists and hiking, each user is considered to fully agree with the terms of use and implies a written agreement between the two contracting parties and it has legal force. bilaterally signed agreement.

Possible disputes under this Agreement, the contracting parties will try to resolve amicably, peacefully with representatives of both contracting parties, and if that is not possible, the court in Skopje is competent. The competent court in case of dispute will consider the general conditions of use as an agreement concluded between the two contracting parties. If the court considers any of the above points to be invalid, it will not affect the validity of any other point of these conditions and will remain in force.

Parents and guardians have an obligation to inform their minor children about the safe and responsible handling of personal data online. Minors may not provide personal information without the permission of their parents or guardians. GREEN IT LLC will never intentionally collect and process personal data from minors, nor forward it to a third party without the permission of the parent / guardian.


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