The tradtion of IT 4 Chairty contunies in 2021! This year the companies are donating for every green kilometer of their employees.

The donation project of IT companies “IT 4 Charity 2021” contunues in pandemic conditions with inovative activities with the goal to help the children without parents or parental care that are supported by SOS Children Villages Macedonia. This time we have help with the macedonian application Challenger.

IT Companies - Supporters

14 IT Companies - Supporters

km with bicycle

18062.3 km with bicycle

km on foot

74846.65 km on foot

km total

92908.95 km total

kg saved CO2 emission

24156.32 kg saved CO2 emission


29 employees


1596.09t saved CO2 emission

16 employees


211.31t saved CO2 emission

50 employees


399.53t saved CO2 emission

37 employees


2303.19t saved CO2 emission

71 employees


2920.58t saved CO2 emission

21 employees


1805.88t saved CO2 emission

21 employees


835.84t saved CO2 emission

15 employees


649.72t saved CO2 emission

120 employees


8258.06t saved CO2 emission

56 employees


1202.72t saved CO2 emission

14 employees


1097.71t saved CO2 emission

23 employees


42.32t saved CO2 emission

122 employees


245.24t saved CO2 emission

0 employees


0t saved CO2 emission

How can IT companies join the project?

With good will, open heart and wish to help and support the most vunerable.

How the employees of the IT companies can start participating?

  1. They need to download the app Challenger on their phones.
  2. They need to register with their company email.
  3. Challenger register every kilometer with the help of existing services: GoogleFit, Apple Health and Strava. The user would need to turn on Strava before they start using bicycle. All other activities Challenger will register on the back end, so there is no need to do anything else.
  4. The employees can also join in the existing challenges of the app, and to win prizes and discounts from local businesses.

Our goal is to raise 20.000 EUR to support the running programs of SOS Children Villages.

  • Taking 24 hours care for more than 100 children and youth without parents and parental care
  • Supporting around 300 children in risk to lose their biological parents, to stay within their family – preventing the separation.

We are proud of our achievement for 20 years work