The branded dashboard consisted of the ranking list and the competition between the teams in the company improves the team spirit regardless of which city or country they work from. It is important that this type of activity in the company helps in acquiring better habits, and at the same time, the company makes a social impact by reducing CO2 emissions in the air. Our team believes that this is a way to show our fellow citizens that sometimes we can reach our destination faster with a bicycle, while at the same time taking care of our planet. The app itself offers numerous discounts and rewards for employees which serves as an additional motive for its users.


Company Statistics

We visualize the company’s progress and show the collective social impact of all employees as a team. Get traction of your company’s achievements through statistics.

Rank list for your team

Challenge your team, awaken the competitive spirit between employees and create a healthy competition. On the branded dashboard you can also see the progress of each employee separately! Inspire them to be a better version of themselves with each new day.



Make an appointment with our team to hear more about all the benefits, and we promise your team will have fun and compete, while at the same making an impact as a team, on the nature around us.