Case study: How Taskforce Incorporated Sustainability into Their Company Culture

Taskforce Case Study

In an era where businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of sustainability, we are proud to say that in 2023, we helped 34 Macedonian companies take further action to incorporate sustainability into their organizational culture and practices.

Among these 34 Challengers is Taskforce, a leading business process outsourcing (BPO) company with offices in Bitola and Skopje. Our collaboration with Taskforce began in 2021, and their dedication to healthy employees and a healthy environment has been truly inspiring.

In 2023, 429 Taskforce employees traveled 224,387 km on foot and 24,115 km on a bike, resulting in saving 64,610 kg of CO2 in the air! 😊

Throughout the year, employees were divided into teams and given team challenges designed to encourage physical activity, friendly competition, and team bonding. Taskforce went above and beyond to encourage participation and motivate their employees by offering an enticing reward for the team that went the extra mile, quite literally. The winning team of the challenge was determined by the number of green kilometers achieved, and they were rewarded for their impressive efforts.

Taskforce Challengers

Here is what some of the employees had to say about our amazing collaborations:

Ivana Stojanoska, a Medical Biller at Taskforce, says that we all have the desire to be more active, but often struggle to push ourselves when we are alone. Together with other team members, it is much easier because we all motivate each other.

Petar Setvanovikj says that the thing he most liked about the whole experience was the competitiveness among the colleagues who were in the top 20: “I checked the ranking list every day and looked to improve my points to take a better place.”

“I think that these types of activities are very necessary in companies to increase the focus on physical activity and to choose more ecological modes of transportation,” says Ana Marija Stojanovska, Customer Care Agent at Taskforce.

Our collaboration with Taskforce serves as a shining example of how businesses can come together to address sustainability challenges. By aligning their vision and adopting measurable goals, companies can not only improve their environmental practices but also set a precedent for the positive impact that collaborative sustainability efforts can have on both business and the planet.